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Alex Staniforth, from Cheshire, is on an epic journey back to Mount Everest in Spring 2015 where he shall make his second attempt to climb to the summit aged 19 after his 2014 expedition was scrapped following the avalanche tragedy. But ‘Through Adversity to Everest’, he is coming back stronger with seven stepping stones to achieving his ultimate ambition. In July 2014 he began the EPIC7 series of seven ultra-endurance challenges with a twist involving over 21,000 metres of ascent and 1500 miles, to prepare himself for the top of the world whilst fundraising for Himalayan Trust UK: supporting the mountain people and Sherpas who’ve been affected by the avalanche. In August/September 2014 he completed EPIC7 #3 and #4 cycling from Chester to Chamonix in the French Alps in just 8 days- about 878 miles unsupported. Then just a week later climbed The Dom, 4545m high- the highest peak entirely in Switzerland and biggest vertical ascent in the Alps. 3 EPIC7 events remain.

Alex is a young mountaineer, athlete, fundraiser and motivational speaker who suffered Epilepsy and more in his childhood. He is also proud to be the Youth Ambassador for the Westgrove Group and Chester Business Club. Overcoming every obstacle so far on his relentless road to Everest- his "Holy Grail"- including raising the massive costs himself; he isn’t giving up yet. He is due to release a book 'One Mountain After Another' following Everest 2015 with Coventry House Publishing, and is hoping you’ll join the journey and be inspired!

Find your Everest in life. Stop dreaming, start doing!

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